Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Ordnance Survey welcomes Web II

We at the Ordnance Survey are very excited by the potential of Web II, and are looking forward to explaining to you how you can work with us in this brave new world.

Firstly, we're delighted to unveil this "blogg" in which we will showcase our fifth-sector new media solutions for the digital age. This "blogg" has been developed by Fujitsu Services after a competitive tendering process and is maintained under the Private Finance Initiative as part of our continuing efforts to achieve better value for taxpayers - who, let us remind you, now provide an ever-decreasing amount of subsidy in order for the Ordnance Survey to perform its vital task of charging them for their, sorry, our data.

As part of our strategy of stakeholder engagement we will also be communicating to you via our new Twitterer account, . This enables us to provide you with 140-character updates on emerging Ordnance Survey strategy. At present we do have the challenge of fitting our standard 5,270-word legal disclaimer into this 140-character space but we have engaged our lawyers to begin a dialogue with Twitterer into ways in which they can adapt their technology for us.

And finally we will be delivering a series of "pod casts" on digital mapping and how it can work with Ordnance Survey. You will be able to listen to these "pod casts" at a series of seminars in Southampton this summer. Invitations will be issued to a select number of key stakeholders in the forthcoming month.

It's a very exciting time and we are sure you will be delighted to take the opportunity of working for us. I mean WITH us.

(Legal - please check text, thanks)